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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paula Cox

Artist printmaker and photographer Visit Paula Cox website

My work is figurative using fluid lines and carefully chosen colours. One of the major themes of my artwork is a celebration of different cultural identities around the world and in relation to this I have worked in association with Amnesty International as an ‘artist for human rights’ since 1988. I have recently completed a project ‘Celebrating the Life of Palestinian Women’ for which I received a grant from the Arts Council to be an artist in residence in Palestine.

Working together with my project partner and associate artist Julienne Dolphin Wilding we are planning an initial visit to Madagascar in November 2009 to research and develop our ideas and start our art based project with Feedback Madagascar. After we have successfully secured sponsorship we will return in 2010 to complete phase one of the project.
I intend to use my skills as an illustrator to highlight hygiene and sanitation concerns to reduce disease and assist a water project with PHAST public health and action support team.

I shall document on going projects with Feedback Madagascar with images to use for publicity and catalogues.

I will create a series of fine art prints from sketches and Madagascan inspiration that will celebrate the cultural traditions and ethnic diversity of the Malagasy people.

I would also like to create and audiovisual presentation from all the collated images and work with Malagasy musicians for the sound track.

An exhibition of my work together with products and designs by the Malagasy people including basketry and woven silk by the women from the silk cooperative would take place independently and highlight the glory of this unique island nation.

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