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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Julienne Dolphin Wilding

Artist and Designer. Visit web site Julienne Dolphin Wilding
My work has developed specifically within environmental concerns. I have a large range of work, including site specific sculpture, furniture, product, interior and garden design. I am very interested in visiting Madagascar to run a project working with sustainable and waste materials that are widely utilized there.

In my work I use durable materials that do not break and survive the life of the product; recycled materials; materials fabricated from factory production waste, and sustainable raw materials. The materials take on a new role which exploits their natural individuality and irregularity, precisely those characteristics which preclude their use in most applications.

I am able to work with local crafts people as a group, or as an individual 'artist as a mentor'. I have taught design, art and craft at university level for fourteen years and feel strongly that I have something to contribute to the new crafts initiatives in Madagascar.

  • I would like to support the Malagasy crafts women and help to make informed and meaningful decisions about their products.
  • Developing new sustainable Malagasy crafts as income-generating activities for communities, as well as working on the creativity of the current silk and basketry products.
  • Promoting Malagasy craft products and Paula's exhibition prints that can be exhibited in venues in London, Barcelona and Paris in 2010. These exhibitions will celebrate and promote the work of Malagasy people and support community action to save the rain-forest.

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    Unknown said...

    Good to hear what you are up to. Sounds like an exciting and worthwhile project. Would be good to see the results sometime. Keep me posted Pam Mitchell