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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Artist support for health and culture

Project proposal by Paula Cox and Julienne Dolphin Wilding

We have been invited by Samantha Cameron of Feedback Madagascar
to use our individual skills to support their projects. As artists we will be working on specific initiatives to benefit the Malagasy people.

Paula will be designing posters for human rights, topics will include: Better hygiene and sanitation to reduce disease. Land security (as often women do not have the same rights to inherit) and equal rights to education. We shall document ongoing projects with Feedback Madagascar with images to use for their publicity and catalogs.

There is a need to develop income-generating activities for communities, as well as assisting the creativity of new sustainable crafts. The visual inspiration will be developed to create a collection of fine art prints celebrating the Malagasy people, these together with Paula’s photography will be exhibited at venues in London, Barcelona and Paris, these exhibitions will honour and promote Malagasy people.

We will be funding our own time and combined skills to accomplish our specific initiatives to benefit the Malagasy people.

An appeal for charitable funds for artist lead project

Please contact us 

Donations direct to Feedback Madagascar

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Fred cole said...

I have looked almost carefully enough to think I have some idea of the size and scope of what you and Paula Cox have undertaken in Madagascar. Being an American and part of our corporate dominated “mono-culture”, I of course, had to consult Wikipedia, to quickly understand anything about Madagascar before writing back with some kind of idea of what you are doing there. The Blog of course is an eye-opener…the beauty, the people, the poverty, the eco tourism, the ecological disasters, and your own experiences and writings have added specific ideas to a general knowledge I have of such “developing” countries…thank you. The inevitable economic/political/military slashes and clashes that colonialism left in its’ wake, were to be more expected as I read them today.

I must apologize for not answering you when much of this blog appeared last March (was it?)…and I know you asked for donations…If your project continues I would be happy to donate to it. I know the first blog asked for electronic donation…let me know which way would be best to send some of our diminishing American dollars your way…I can easily mail to Goldington St.

I also read an interview you had on line concerning green art in Barcelona from more than a year ago. I enjoyed it very much…it is so interesting for me to catch up with you on the electric fly as I do now and again. Knowing you so well from our time spent together, of course adds great import to what you are doing now. I think I have said to you before…you seem to be such a large force, Julienne, with so much going on in your world and your work, so much in your art life…Wow once again.

Fred Cole
Highland Park, New Jersey